The art of street photography is not something that is easy to master. Street photography is not just taking photos. It is a way of seeing the world and of appreciating beauty in the mundane. Street photography helps a person to become a lot more courageous by pursuing them to step outside their comfort zone and by pushing their limits to the next level. Street Photographers have an eye to make even the most commonplace things look more intriguing with a story. It takes inspiration to start something and the stories about some self-made photographers are a big source for the same. Here, we have compiled for you, a list of ‘5 STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS TO TAKE INSPIRATION FROM’.


Avishek Das is an Indian born Photographer. Over the past 7 years, he has been actively associated with this field of photography. He is the Chairman of Creative Art Solution – a registered photography club of India under Federation of Indian Photography & Liaison Officer of Master of Light Photographic  Association for Asia & India. His photographs and writings have already been published in different Websites & Photo competition at national & international level. He has bagged more than 450+ Awards (National & International) for his Photographic works. His photos generally depict the nuances of the street. Whether it be children playing or the vehicles moving, his shots present them in an inspiring way.